To clean a Winn grip, apply a small amount of water to a soft towel, and gently rub the grips. Do not saturate the towel. Never use a brush and soapy water to clean a Winn grip because it may damage the top surface and destroy the tackiness and slip-resistance of the grip. Do NOT immerse Winn grips in water to clean them. This will saturate the underlying layer of the grip and may ruin the grip.

All of our grips offer superior shock absorption compared to conventional rubber grips. However, our ultra-soft Excel grips absorb the most shock followed closely by our Performance Comfort grips - Dri-Tac & Dri-Tac Wrap Lite. Also, our midsize and oversize grips, by virtue of their large size, provide more shock absorption than our standard size grips.

Any Winn Grip made from our WinnDry material offers superior playability in all weather conditions.

You can build up any Winn grip that features Advanced Vertical Seam (AVS) technology. These single panel design AVS grips allows up to four wraps. We do not recommend building up our spiral wrap style grips.

Except for the DuraTech Series which has partial rubber in the gripping area, the outside wraps of all other Winn Grips are made from synthetic rubber, however. Only the end-cap and nipple of the underlisting are exposed.

Yes. Winn now offers grips in 3 categories – Ultra Soft (Excel Series), Performance Comfort (Dri-Tac, Dri-Tac Wrap Lite) and Responsive (DuraTech, WInnPro). Our 'Responsive' grips have been reformulated over the past two years and are worthy of consideration if you prefer a more firm but still tacky feel.

Depending on how frequently you play or practice, your Winn grips may last more or less than one season.

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